Case Study

The idea for Lagavulin Offerman Edition was born on the set of TV series Parks and Recreation. Nick Offerman’s character, the curmudgeon Ron Swanson, has a strong affection for the Islay whisky, as does Offerman himself. Diageo collaborated with him on a series of quirky short films shot on Islay in celebration of the whisky and his love for the island… the natural progression is the creation of his very own Lagavulin.
For the Offerman Edition, Nick wanted to stay true to the brand. His vision was for subtlety
and whimsey and that’s what he got. A pack that looks like Lagavulin and yet on closer inspection showcases Offerman through illustrations that remain in keeping with the brand look and feel. The wood finish on the secondary pack is recreated from a piece of wood whittled by Nick in his workshop. A fitting tribute to the man, the legend of Ron and his passion for Lagavulin.

Drink Like
'Ron Swanson'

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