Case Study

The Ernie dream started with the purchase of a 1960’s electric milk-float & grew quickly to include state-of-the-art pedal-powered cargo bikes, with front crates made from coffee waste packaging. Our entrepreneurial client wanted to create a sustainable coffee delivery service in central London, where air pollution contributes to 10,000 deaths a year. With coffee beans sourced directly from farmers to ensure zero exploitation & a range of coffees produced at their roastery in London, our job was to create a design that would enable the business to tell its story, get customers & sell coffee.

 Our task was to create an identity which brought to life the ‘Ernie’ story and business model which is founded entirely on community, reduced carbon footprint & waste from packaging, with the simple intention of preserving our planet.  And the name Ernie? Well that’s taken from the inuendo-heavy Benny Hill song about “the fastest milkman in the west” for anyone who remembers back that far.

Coffee that doesn't cost the Earth

Brand Identity, Design, Packaging, Brand Look

& Feel and Guidelines

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