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February 3, 2015


Working in and around Mayfair you are exposed to more than your fair share of over the top cars. Each of these cars are beautifully designed in their own right but it is never enough for
their owners to leave them as factory fitted and the competition to see who can demonstrate the greatest excess is rife.


Often on passing by one of these cars the conversation turns to one of taste, the good, the bad and the ugly and why the proud owners never seem to be able to aesthetically restrain themselves. I for a long time have been in the camp of those who believe that there are two types of people, those with taste and those without. However, recently I have started to think about taste and excess differently and have now come to believe that excess and customisation does not necessarily mean bad taste and in some instances shows particular good taste.


The reason that I have come to this conclusion, which I find quite liberating, is that I believe that individuals with too much money are in the fortunate position to push convention and are able to design and create objects that otherwise would never come to fruition. These ‘champions of design’ are constantly striving to achieve the new and unique and when money is no object then anything goes. I am not suggesting for a minute that everything that sparkles is gold but just like if you give enough monkey’s enough typewriters you may end up with the works of Shakespeare.


So the next time you look down your nose at some gold plated two tone roller driving past you just remember that the driver… or more likely it’s passenger is doing his or her bit to push the boundaries of design.

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