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Spicing up sustainable packaging...

Sustainable products often communicate their eco-credentials with dull designs that get straight to the point. The Grocer asked us to see how sustainable packaging can capture the imagination of consumers, as well as their conscience.

We got to work and put our thinking caps on. As a design and innovation agency, we not only wanted to look at the packaging and branding itself, but we wanted to come up with an innovative but sustainable idea. Moving away from the browns, dull greens and other functional touches that currently dominate the designs of the most cutting-edge eco-friendly products on the shelves, we came up with a brand that was aimed at Gen Z, and brought the fun into functionality. Introducing ONS, a new type of drink that leaves no trace (spoiler, the packaging is totally water soluble!).

Check out the full article to read more about ONS and take a look at the branding and packaging we created - https://www.thegrocer.co.uk/plastic/how-to-make-sustainable-packaging-pop-creative-challenge/657689.article