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Brand Invention & Reinvention: If not now, when?

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

As a result of the current ongoing pandemic, the retail and hospitality industry have been two of the most affected. Which in turn has caused major disruption for the branding and marketing world. At The Cabinet we’ve been looking at the ‘new consumer experience’. As consumers try and get back to a ‘new normal’ and socialise with friends and family in alternative ways, how do you ensure your brand is in their hands and minds?

How are changes in society and culture post Covid-19 going to affect the way brands talk to and interact with their consumers? Consumer behaviour is (and always has been) continuously evolving, regardless of Covid-19 this is something all companies are aware of and reactive too - or so they should be.

However, during the current pandemic people have gotten used to not interacting or socialising with their friends, colleagues and family, as well as products and brands. For a moment there we were met with empty shelves and were forced into buying what we could, rather than what we wanted.

Fast forward 5 months and we’re seeing a surge in people interacting with online platforms more so than ever. Albeit online shopping was already taking over for many retailers, so this isn’t something completely new, but multiple businesses have now turned their attention to the power of digital, and we as brand marketeers need to be ready to learn, react and grow from this. We live in a world where we share everything online, word of mouth is key for brands to raise awareness and recruit new customers, therefore brands need to ensure they’re creating a mesmerising brand experience for their consumers more so than ever.

At the height of lockdown we saw many retailers take a dive into at-home delivery, whether this was Pizza Pilgrim’s Frying Pan Pizza Kit, where you could create your own version of their pizza at home without physically being able to get to the restaurant, or The Cocktail Porters Cocktail Kits, where you learnt how to make the perfect cocktail from the comfort of your own home, including the dried fruit and flower garnishes to make it even more Instagram worthy.

Consumers can now order food and drink from their table, which of course is a great shopper experience for many, but it no longer gives the opportunity to peruse the drinks selection behind the bar as they wait in line. So brands need to ensure they stand out, not just on shelf, but in the digital space, and more importantly in the minds of the consumer.

For the world of FMCG (and more), so much has been put on hold or re-evaluated, we’ve had to prioritise and change direction, which of course can be uncertain and daunting, however, we mustn’t miss the opportunities right in front of us. Consumers may not be interacting with brands in the same way pre-Covid, so we must utilise what we do know. Learn from the new shopper behaviours and adapt accordingly. Giving opportunity to enhance the brand experience even further through innovation and creativity.

At The Cabinet we’ve always talked about how brands need to continuously invent and reinvent themselves to ensure they stay relevant and meaningful to their customers, whether this be through branding, design, or innovation/NPD. This has never been more important than it is right now. We have put together a report on the impact that Covid-19 may have on design, the opportunities this may create for brands, and a look at consumer shifts and trends that have developed and grown over the last few months and how this could translate aesthetically or emotively.

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