• The Cabinet

Give a little Liquid Kindness this Christmas...

As you may or may not know, at The Cabinet we started an initiative to help raise money to donate to the ongoing homelessness problem within London. To do this we teamed up with Ernie Coffee to create a coffee called Liquid Kindness, in which all profits from the sales go to homeless charities in London.

In order to raise funds for the charities you can usually find us at Mercato Metropolitano, or in any number of office foyers around London. However, like most things this year, the pandemic has put a stop to that.

But it didn’t stop us try to help homelessness in London – no, we’ve built a website where you can order your bag of Christmas Liquid Kindness, we will then spirit your coffee to you in time for you to mix up a festive espresso martini if that’s how you like it, and 100% of the profits will go to the Liquid Kindness charities.

Visit the website here to place your order, Happy Holidays and thank you in advance from us all at The Cabinet, ernie.london and Liquid Kindness for supporting a very worthy cause.