Creating a new category, based on health and indulgence and fit for a digital lifestyle where every moment is captured and posted, was never going to be easy.   Yet the people at FrieslandCampina knew they had struck gold with a deliciously indulgent dessert proposition based on humble yoghurt, packed full of taste, texture and accidental good-looks.
In collaboration, we came up with a name…Oops! to tell the story of a heavenly mish-mash of creamy yoghurt, chunks of chocolate and fruit and swirly caramel sauce coming together in wild abandon.  The Oops name lends itself brilliantly to a simple, modern brand identity with a cheeky spoon hidden within the ‘O’, which sits on a dollop of creamy yoghurt swirled with hits of flavour. Fruity and bright, rich and dark, background colours provide a perfect canvas for variants and deliver added pop across all touchpoints.
A perfectly imperfect insta-worthy design


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