Gluten Freedom

There’s no such thing as a ‘free lunch’… until now, that is. 

With a wide variety of products, including artisanal breads, crumpets and wraps, the premium range -
formerly known as Newburn Bakehouse - comes from the people who know a thing or two about making
great tasting bread.    Key to the design challenge was the need to bring the gluten free range in line with
the Warburtons family, with the iconic Warburtons logo, but being different enough to ensure no
confusion between the two ranges.


Stylish and premium, the new packaging takes its inspiration from small batch craft bakeries, reflecting the fact that gluten free bakery products are more hand crafted than traditional bread.  Soft-touch, more tactile varnish has been introduced onto the substrate to deliver a more crafted, artisanal feel.


So, next time someone tells you that there’s no such thing as a free lunch, point them in the direction of the free-from aisle in your local supermarket and the new Warburtons Gluten Free crumpets… just add butter.

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