Huxley is a pioneering blended whiskey drawing on the finest drams from across the globe. It’s a whiskey for adventurous palates and enquiring minds; designed to take whiskey drinkers into uncharted territory.

To reflect this unique blend we created a mythical hybrid beast combining characteristics of Scottish, Canadian and American animals – The ‘Mobsprey’. Part Canadian moose, part American bobcat, part Scottish Osprey.

Such an unlikely beast belongs in the world of romantic turn-of-the-century exploration, so we surrounded the Mobsprey in a rich visual language evoking mysterious dispatches from far-flung lands.
Huxley is even named in honour of the famed 19th Century anatomist and defender of evolutionary theory, known as ‘Darwin’s Bulldog’.

In a world where it feels little mystery remains, it is still possible for the intrepid to discover the unique, the weird, even the miraculous. Huxley is just the first strange hybrid to be sighted; now we have the taste for discovery, expect more unimaginable beasts to be unveiled…


Rare genus whiskey

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