Triple Matured Liquid Gold

Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve is one of India’s fastest growing premium whisky brands due to its great taste and high quality. This superior quality comes from the triple maturation process, rarely found in other Indian whiskies. For those in the know ‘triple matured’ is a real point of difference, but that message has evaded
many premium whisky drinkers because it hasn’t come through clearly in brand communications. 


Tasked with creating a communications vehicle to clearly express the ‘triple matured’ message, we wanted
to reflect the skill, craftsmanship and knowledge that goes into producing a whisky through the triple maturation process. On the search for inspiration, we explored other fine crafts to unearth a visual analogy
that would resonate with the target market and help us express our core idea of finely tuned expertise
and perfectly balanced taste.


Looking at fine horology we created a photo real image of watch cogs emerging out of liquid gold working
in perfect harmony with each other. This creative idea allowed us to define a brand look and feel system that could be executed across a number of different touch points, helping consumers to better understand why
Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve is the best whisky on the market.

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